We can all agree that bone and joint pains can make your life a living hell. Whether it is pain caused by chronic conditions like arthritis or is just an injury from a football game. When you have joint pains even the smallest task can become very hard. When suffering from bone and joint pains, most people takes aspirin to reduce the pain but sometimes even the aspirin don’t work depending on the amount and type of pain that you are experiencing. Instead of filling your body with medication, you might want to consider trying one of the following natural and home remedies to reduce joint pain.

  • Get enough movement and exercise. When experiencing a lot of pain it is very easy to think that by limiting your movements you are going to reduce the pain. But the truth is instead of limiting your movements the best thing is try to be on the move as much as possible. Inactivity will result to even more joint pains and can even worsen the conditions of arthritis. Exercises and movements strengthens your muscles which is very important in reducing joint pains. For example tension on your leg muscle will cause stress on your knee and hips. Exercise from time to time even if you are in a lot of pain because by exercising you will help improve circulation of blood, strengthen your muscles and stretch the affected joints leading to reduction of the joint pain. Start exercising with low impact exercises such as swimming, cycling, water aerobics and yoga among other exercises. You don’t need to go to the gym, make use of the burst exercises since they can be done from anywhere. Wear a wrap on the affected joint when you are starting. Start small but with time continue adding the intensity of the exercise. Exercises will not only reduce joint pains, it will also help you keep your weight in check which is very important.
  • Epsom salt soak. Probably this is the most used home remedy for reducing joint pains. Add some Epsom salts on the warm water you are going to use to take a bath. The Epsom salts have high levels of magnesium and sulfates which are absorbed fast through your body and provide a quick pain relief. The magnesium and sulfates lowers inflammation and reduces muscle spasm and also relaxes the tense muscles. Soak in the warm water for bath for about 20 minutes so that you can absorb as much as possible levels of sulfates and magnesium. Alternatively, you can add two cups of Epsom salts inside warm water and soak a piece of cloth. Use the piece of cloth to massage the areas in pain slowly and the magnesium plus sulfates will work even faster.
  • Hot and cold packs. Another pain relief method that is very effective. Apply a hot therapeutic pack on the affected joint for about 20 minutes and once the 20 minutes are done, immediately apply a very cold therapeutic pack for another 20minutes. If the cold is too much for you, then consider applying the cold pack for at least 15 minutes. Be doing that each and every morning and you can will notice significant relief in pain after a very few days.
  • Weight loss. As I told you exercises are very important and one of the reasons why it is so important is because they can help overweight people lose some pounds. The moment that you have joint pains and you are overweight, the pain will even be more. Being overweight causes unnecessary strain to your bones and joints. Degeneration will be increased if you have osteoporosis. Each pound of your body weight is equal to 3 extra pounds of added stress on your knees. By cutting weight you will be reducing stress on your joints which will lead to reduced pain. Also it will prevent future problems associated with being overweight such as high blood pressure. Make it your mission to lose about 8 percent of your body weight and you are going to notice significant relief of pain within a very short time.

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